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Learn within the BlueStreak Universe
now from your home

An all-in-one gaming platform designed to improve math fact fluency and increase test scores. Proven in classrooms across the nation, now available for families at home.


A proven system

for math fact fluency 

Our research proves that children who master Level 1 Addition, outperform students that did not take a complete the post-test.

A truly engaging gaming experience

Far superior to frogs jumping lily pads, BlueStreak is jet-packed with unique gaming features like virtual multi-player mode and customizable characters.

Follow along
and track progress

Get access to all of the data that matters, in real-time. Time usage, facts mastered, and progress are the key metrics you will need for full transparency.

Generate rewards
and certificates

The system will automatically email you progress reports when one of your children does something great. Reward them by printing out an official BlueStreak certificate to put on the fridge.


  Natalie, 7th Grade  

"I needed a refresher for multiplication.  Not knowing my facts was slowing me down."

"The cool thing is it lets you play games while learning! I just maxed out on every level, and I'm SO happy!"

  Christina, Teacher  

"We found that children that are into video games are really enjoying it- and actually ask to work on it."

  Nicholas, 5th Grade  

Due to school closures

We've extended the BlueStreak Math platform beyond
the classroom to be available at your home at a limited time
reduced price.

All of our memberships are reduced by 20%  

and try the addition module for free!

 School Closure Reduced Rates 

Free trial expires after 30 days or when addition is mastered. 

No payment information needed for the free trial.


Billed every 30 days

This plan provides complete access to all of BlueStreak's Platform with a month-to-month rate.

 School Closure Rate Applied 

$7.95 | One User

$6.36 Multi-User
Price Per child


Billed every 6 months

This plan includes access to all of BlueStreak’s platform with reduced pricing for semiannual membership.

 School Closure Rate Applied 

$39.90 | One User

$31.96 Multi-User
Price Per child


Billed every 12 months

This plan includes access to all of BlueStreak’s platform with reduced  pricing for the annual membership.

 School Closure Rate Applied 

$49.92 | One User

$39.96 Multi-User,
Price Per child

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